Case Study: Airport Cooling



Our Client

Operating one of the UK’s major international airports, our client is responsible for delivering business critical services to its customers as well as ensuring the safety and comfort of the passengers that pass through it’s facilities. 

Safety, Security and Comfort are paramount for the Airlines, Retail Outlets and Support Services that operate within this environment.



We had a challenge with one of our airport facilities relating to cooling as it was prone to overheating. The facility had physical constraints that prevented us from installing more cooling units and any solution needed to be a bit unconventional.

In the months leading up to the very warmer weather of 2018, Sword identified and proposed a solution that was viable, cost-effective and easy to maintain for the future.  Sword also presented a proactive installation plan that ensured issues were avoided before they presented themselves.  


Sword carried out an initial site survey which identified a number of actions that would be required to overcome the clients overheating issue.  The agreed approach was to:

  • Paint the facility with heat reflective paint
  • Fabricate an airflow cover for the external air-conditioning units
  • Build a Cold Aisle containment solution to improve Air Flow Management
  • Swap standard solid doors on Network Cabinets for bespoke perforated ones
  • Install bespoke Pollen screens for each of the external condensers

Having successfully completed this project work, Sword Services now conduct weekly maintenance to ensure all filters are clean and clear of debris.  This has resulted in zero downtime due to overheating in the past 18 months.

 “When delivering, Sword gave a great client experience, with regular updates around the delivery status, a balance between engagement for any queries or concerns they felt we may have and working independently without the need for us to support them at every step. This meant as a client we were confident in the delivery and the solution being a success and all of it was achieved on time and on budget. Sword are always happy to help and go the extra mile to ensure they deliver what is required and I would certainly recommend them.”

IT Service Manager   


We are accredited to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 Standards.

We also participate in the following schemes:

  • CHAS

Accreditation Certificates, Customer Reference Sites and Approved Installer details can all be supplied on request.

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