About Us



Sword Services are renowned for commitment to our clients, our agile and flexible approach to projects and our high standards of delivery.

Our dependability is something that our clients not only rely upon but expect without exception for projects large and small.

We love a challenge and are confident that our tried and tested processes will ensure we deliver both the usual and unusual requests that meet or surpass our clients expectations.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Professional Standards

At Sword Services Ltd we take our achieved Kite Marks and Accreditations very seriously. This is encompassed throughout everyday practices; implemented by Policies and Procedures.

Safety does not come about by accident, most accidents happen because they have not been prevented.

Attention to Health and Safety is not just about being socially responsible. It also makes good business sense and Sword Services regard it as just as important as the achievement of any other key business objective.

We accept that we have a duty of care to our staff and others with whom we come into contact. We can only be sure that we are meeting that duty if we take steps to analyse and control the risks involved and constantly review these actions. These actions although implemented by management, are also enhanced by the fermentation from within, by all staff members, through their total attitude and commitment to Health and safety.

Aside from Health and Safety concerns Sword Services takes into consideration its commitment to preserve the environment, effectively managing and mitigating its impact on the environment, this approach requires total resource optimisation. Through this the management system has become a continuous cycle of planning, implementation, review, and improvement of actions carried out to achieve stated business and environmental goals

Sword Services recognises that to achieve these goals it is essential for management policies to also be directed towards a growing environmental responsibility thus:

  • Continuously improving its environmental performance
  • Minimising the negative effects resulting from the company’s overall activity;
  • Engaging and training employees the importance in adopting good environmental practices;
  • Ensuring legal compliance in terms of the environment.

Quality is a primary concern, not only from our clients, but also from within; having an entrenched Quality Management System in place has enabled Sword Services to achieve and maintain a high level of satisfaction from our clientele; this, and through successful vigorous audit processes has meant we have achieved and maintained our ISO 9001(2018) for almost 20 years.

Being holders of ISO 9001 requires that we assess and control risks governing our operational processes to provide a consistent service quality.

By working closely with our customers and understanding their specific requirements leads to not just providing a product or service that meets their specifications, but also fits their actual application or use. This results in significantly reduced product issues and customer complaints. This continuous strive to achieve has helped develop long-term relationships with our customers.

This is your assurance that our methods and procedures are regularly subjected to rigorous, independent testing to ensure that they comply with stringent standards for safety, product performance, or reliability.

The Kite Marks and Accreditations are thereforeyour assurance that Sword Services have a serious commitment towards maintaining the highest possible standards.