The sight of a CCTV camera is sometimes all it takes to deter a would-be intruder and studies show that people's behaviour in general improves when they know someone is – or even just might be – watching.

"a wealth of experience providing solutions for a wide range of customers"

Of course, the primary benefit of a surveillance system is the visual (and audio) coverage it offers and the peace of mind it brings. And even when there's no one there to watch, your digital video recorders will be on hand to capture all the goings-on.

Sword Systems is an industry-recognised expert in the field of surveillance with a wealth of experience providing solutions for a wide range of customers, big and small. The key word in there is "solutions": the needs of customers vary greatly and so, therefore, do the solutions that meet those needs.

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Case Study

British Petroleum

British Petroleum

This technology centre site is set in 36 acres of woods and parkland in an area of outstanding natural beauty and is home to a major research site. Here, highly skilled chemists, engineers and other specialists are tasked with meeting the modern world’s demand for lubricants.

Our solution has provided the site with a highly advanced external CCTV surveillance solution that is feature proofed, sophisticated, with advanced functionality but is extremely simple to operate.