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While we all hope that everything runs smoothly and there are no serious problems, we all understand that, well, sometimes things can go awry. And when they do it’s important to act quickly and, when the dust settles, determine the root cause.

"Monitoring is no longer a luxury or something that might be nice to have – it’s an essential."

In the midst of a crisis, knowing who’s best-placed to deal with matters and where your key personnel are can make all the difference. A good monitoring solution can be the source of that knowledge, keeping track of everything that happens within its field of operation: from the location of staff at a given point in time to the status of magnetic locks. In the case of fire, for example, it’s absolutely crucial knowing which employees or guests are unaccounted for and where they might be.

In the aftermath, the record of goings on is just as important: knowing who was on-site; whether they were where they were supposed to be; at precisely what time the magnetic seal on the rear entrance was broken. All such information can be used to improve practice, tighten security, inform staff and management, and help make decisions on accountability.

Monitoring is no longer a luxury or something that might be nice to have – it’s an essential. Sword Services can make sure you gain visibility and control over your working environment with a monitoring solution to perfectly meet your needs.

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