Access Control

We all have keys to our homes and cars; we have bank cards, credit cards, or Oyster cards; pretty much anyone reading this will access their computer and email accounts with a password – all are forms of access control.

They understand that security is a genuine concern for most businesses.

At its most fundamental, access control is about protecting what you want to protect and making sure no one can access the things you don't want them to - whether they be physical items, personal details, or confidential information.

Sword Services understands access control better than most. They understand that security is a genuine concern for most businesses. And they understand, too, that too much or the wrong sort of security will just hamper staff and those with legitimate reasons to be accessing secure systems and areas.

At Sword Services, we know that one of our access control solutions is the right sort of security for your business - whatever your business - because we've been doing this for a long time and we know how to design a system to fully meet your security needs; one that won't get in the way.

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Case Study

Virgin VIP Lounge

Virgin VIP Lounge

A new fast and efficient terminal VIP lounge has opened at a major UK, which will give millions of its passengers a seamless and simple journey through the airport.

Sword Services liaised with the airline project team to devise a simple and cost effective system to allow Upper Class and other authorised customers to gain access to the new VIP lounge, without the need to be issued with additional cards or tokens, or to be let into the lounge area by an official.