Environmental policy

Good environmental performance and stewardship is high on Sword Services list of corporate priorities because we recognise that the protection of the natural and built environment is of paramount importance not only to current generations but also to future generations.

During the completion of all works and projects we will demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility for protection of both the built and natural environment where our activities have the potential to cause either a direct or indirect effect on the environment.

Sword Services will seek to be in the forefront of environmental care within the Sectors that we operate in. As part of our commitment for the environment we believe that it follows that...

  • Care for the environment must and shall be considered a core deliverable item with regard to our proposed activities on behalf of our Clients  
  • We shall set out to fulfil our Clients needs and requirements in such a way that we do not knowingly or wilfully cause any direct or indirect environmental damage or harm during the life of any works or project
  • This means that we must and will set environmental goals and integrate them into business planning at all levels by applying Best Available Technique Not Entailing Excessive Cost (BATNEEC) where possible
  • We will actively seek to influence our suppliers so that they minimise any adverse environmental aspects that their products or services may have during their use
  • Employees’ and sub-contractors at all levels involved in any works or projects on behalf of Sword Services shall be actively encouraged to become involved and aware in environmental protection work 
  • We will ensure that our management and workforce are fully aware of these principles and trained so as to be able to perform their tasks in a responsible way that takes account of any environmental issues.
  • We will demonstrate openness when responding to environmental questions related to our activities, and we will publicise information about all significant environmental aspects of our activities.
  • Compliance with all applicable environmental legislation will always be considered as an absolute minimum standard that is applied to our activities

A copy of this Policy is made available to all Sword Services and contractors and compliance with its content shall be monitored by the Board. Sword Services will ensure that adequate resources are provided to support and achieve this policy. In particular, all Directors of Sword Services will irrespective of other responsibilities, have the authority for ensuring that an effective Environmental management system is developed, implemented and maintained.

We will review this policy, at least annually, to ensure that is continues to reflect and fulfil our commitments. 

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