Customer/Client Feedback

"Prompt Responses"


 "Please pass on thanks to all involved for extremely prompt responses to resolve the mic issue" - ATKINS

"Big Thanks"


 "Just to let you know that this work would have been impossible without the attitude and drive of Karl. Please give him a big thanks for me for his efforts last night.He always goes above and beyond, and never lets the situation or environment get to him.He is a credit to Sword Services." - Darren

"Performance Review"


"A total of 46 contractors were reviewd for the period of January to March 2012 and we are pleased to write and record that Sword Services Ltd were placed amongst the top five performing for works at heathrow airport" - COSTAIN

"My Gratitude"


"Please pass on my gratitude to your team today for a job well done. The flexibility you granted us on this short notice job and professionalism from the team did you proud.
They arrived in a timely manner and cracked on with the work as soon as the door was opened.
They understood our requirements and following a good days work, we tested the system and it worked first time.Cant ask for more than that!
" - FIRST Co.

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