As much as we’d all love to live in a world where we could leave our doors unlocked and trust that no one would take advantage, the sad reality is that we can’t. It would be idyllic if the words “threat” and “terrorism” simply had no meaning and didn’t exist, but unfortunately they do – and they’ve become more prevalent in recent years.

Sword Services' true strength lies in innovation: the ability to perfectly meet customer requirements.

Sword Services was founded in 1990 by Lawrence Sword and has established itself as a major player in the field of industrial electronic security solutions and gained a reputation for exceptional service and delivery.

The success of Sword Services can be put down to a number of factors, not least the tight-knit team of industry experts and technicians assembled within what remains a family-run business.

But having a team of people who love their job can only get you so far. Sword Services’ true strength lies in innovation: the ability to perfectly meet customer requirements, rather than trying to squeeze a square peg through a round hole or crack a nut with a sledgehammer. If there isn’t a solution currently on the market to do what’s required, Sword Services will sit down and design it.

With its wealth of experience, its innovation excellence, its unsurpassed customer service, and its intimate knowledge of best practices, standards, and best-of-breed equipment, Sword Services is the perfect partner to see to your security needs.

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Sword Services is BS EN ISO 9002 accredited and conforms to IEE Wiring Regulation BS 7671.

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Our Directors

Lawrence and Sharon Sword

Lawrence Sword - Managing Director
Sharon Sword - Financial Director